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Is a legit Facebook Hacker?

We are the foremost providers of this service on the internet and, what’s more, we are the only service providers who do this free of charge. Still don’t believe us, then take a look at the customer testimonials attached below as well as the positive reviews from people who have made use of our service on our Facebook page.

How much does it cost to hack Facebook on

As previously stated, we provide our services free of charge! However, we have recently began to ask clients to take a brief survey in order to get access to the information we recover, as a way of making sure the information we provide is not abused.

Can I Remain Anonymous?

Of course. Security is our most important feature. At, we do not request for any of your sensitive information, and we absolutely guarantee that your information will not be requested for during and after the process of hacking.

Can Facebook see that I am about to hack someone's account?

When we guarantee your safety from tracking and IP tracing, we do so from FaceBook as well. Using our panel guarantees that Facebook and anybody else isn’t aware of what you’re doing, and we use the most advanced encryption methods to keep it that way.

What do I need to hack a Facebook account?

All you need to do in order to gain access to any FaceBook profile in the world is the profile URL or ID of your target. This is the address you see on your browser when you’re on the page, for example: "".

How does Facebook Hacking on work?

We exploit known vulnerabilities in the FaceBook security system to gain access to encrypted passwords and otherwise unavailable data. The tool we use to this process is one that has been created by some of the most highly regraded hackers in the business, and we have repurposed it to its present use with a few tweaks from our team of programmers.

How can I use your services?

As a demonstration of the effectiveness of our script, we ask that you conduct a trial run: use our website to try to gain access to your own FaceBook account. We assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the result. Please note that you make use of our services at your own risk, and that we no not take responsibility for any damages to any accounts in the process of using our services.

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